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MnG: Maihara Haruki by Macchi-Tacchi MnG: Maihara Haruki by Macchi-Tacchi
App for :iconsparklesplz::iconmizu-no-gakuen::iconsparklesplz:
Swimming anime rp people :iconheplz:

Oh man, look at all those spots on his body haha-- /went overboard but loves them--

      Name: Maihara Haruki
      Age: 18
      Height: 6’1
      Weight: 162 lb.
      Year: Senior
      Level: TBA

      Easy-going, playful, and carefree are the words that describe Haruki the best. He is happy most of the time, and is hard to bring him down. Haru is really friendly, and loves to chat with people, doesn't matter if they’re already friends or random strangers, he is the type of guy to start a conversation in the market’s line. If someone is having a bad day, Haru will do everything he can to cheer them up, from buying some juice for them and telling a joke, to giving them a relaxing massage.

      He is always up for games and pranks, especially if they involve water. He loves playing pool games like water polo or just floating around. He is the king of procrastinators and rarely works on homework by free will, even during classes he is pretty distracted most of the time ( his notebooks are full of crappy doodles ).

      Haruki is hard to anger, but once he gets there, he would most likely never accept he is wrong or that he is at fault. He acts pretty much like a little kid and just storms away, offended, upset, and angry. It takes a lot of him to actually admit something and ask for forgiveness, but meanwhile he will ignore the other person’s presence, as long as he is angry, they’re dead to him. But anyway, once they make up he acts like nothing happened and goes back to his cheery self around said person – however if he was angry at someone for something they did to Ikumi, he would never fully forgive them, even if Ikumi does.

      ( + ) Ikumi ( as a sex friend ).
      ( + ) Nice scents ( especially Ikumi's ).
      ( + ) Swimming ( obviously ).
      ( + ) Surfing.
      ( + ) Swimming in the sea.
      ( + ) Fruits.
      ( + ) Sleeping.
      ( + ) Sweets ( he loves sweets way too much ).
      ( + ) Going out for a run.
      ( + ) Ice.
      ( + ) Pineapples.
      ( + ) Ice teas.
      ( + ) Dogs.
      ( + ) Fish.
      ( + ) Especially his and Ikumi’s goldfish Harukumi.
      ( + ) Sex.
      ( + ) The beach.
      ( + ) Sunny days.
      ( + ) Ikumi’s soft butt.
      ( + ) Hawaii.
      ( + ) Stealing Ikumi’s glasses |D ( doesn't care about the consequences-- he actually kind of loves them--/slapped )
      ( + ) Ikumi’s sleepy face.
      ( + ) Pranks.
      ( + ) Pretty much any sport.
      ( + ) Cooking.
      ( + ) Hula Kahiko.
      ( + ) Sticking around Ikumi.
      ( + ) Water.
      ( + ) Making sandcastles.
      ( + ) Hawaiian cheesecake.
      ( + ) Helping Ikumi relax when he is stressed because of work he is a good waifu/slapped.
      ( + ) Water gun fights.
      ( + ) His locket.
      ( + ) Ikumi’s nightstand’s last drawer |D

      ( - ) People waking him up ( careful with this ).
      ( - ) Meat ( he doesn’t hate it, he’ll eat it sometimes, but he’d rather not ).
      ( - ) Chick flicks.
      ( - ) Too much unnecessary drama.
      ( - ) People leaving him.
      ( - ) Smartphones ( has one but has barely any idea about how to use it :iconpapmingplz: )
      ( - ) Technology as a whole ( is like a grandpa with it lmao-- ).
      ( - ) Cats.
      ( - ) Not being able to swim/surf/do any other sport because of rain or bad weather.
      ( - ) Cold weather.
      ( - ) People hitting on Ikumi/Ikumi hitting on people.
      ( - ) Seagulls.
      ( - ) Doing homework. |
      ( - ) Studying ( he doesn’t really need to study to get good grades ).
      ( - ) Exams.
      ( - ) When Ikumi is too busy with the S.C. to pay him any attention.
      ( - ) Horror movies.
      ( - ) Ikumi enjoying when he gets scared because of a horror movie /sobs
      ( - ) Fighting with Ikumi ( it’s just horrible-- )
      ( - ) People stealing Ikumi away.
      ( - ) Staying still.
      ( - ) Not getting enough sleep.
      ( - ) Early morning classes.

      From a Hawaiian mother and a Japanese father, Haru was born in Hawaii, where he was raised between the Hula and the waves in the sea.
      Since a very young age, Haruki was taught how to dance by his mother. She had an academy where she taught kids of the local area how to dance the traditional dances, so her own child would not be an exception. Meanwhile, Haru's dad helped her with the administration of the place, so she wouldn't have to worry about any of this.
      So he had lived a good life so far, not that he could recall much about it though, due to his age. What brings him the most memories was the start of school— it was extremely fun to be with more kids his own age without his parents' supervision… it allowed him to be a bit more adventurous and daring. And it was during these days where he met this one strange boy, with his orange hair and his blue eyes, which approached him one day while he was making sandcastles.
      "I'm Ikumi, and you are…?" the boy asked out of the blue, showing off a grin.
      "I'm Haruki!” he replied with the same grin.
      "I'll call you Haru then," his new friend said and he just chuckled at the nickname.
      Those days with his friend were by far the best ones he had. They could spend hours playing, laughing, messing themselves together while having fun and pranking the teacher – they were surely a pain for her. They were already known through the kindergarten due to their wildness, there was no teacher who could tame those two little demons. And even out of school, their parents got along just fine, so they ended up meeting outside of the school's grounds.
      However, their happiness couldn't last forever – when they were in second grade, Ikumi's mother died, and he even skipped school for a whole month, leaving Haru alone against the teacher, but he was fine, and he constantly tried to get news from his friend, nagging his mom to call him or his dad – he just needed to know how he was doing!
      But soon enough he would see him again at school, and then have him coming to his house every day to play, often staying over – and he would make sure Ikumi would have the most fun whenever they were together… until one day when Ikumi's dad just came into his house and pulled his friend away from him.
      The next morning, Haru would have Ikumi coming over, pulling out a small paper bag. He looked at him with wondering eyes, before getting out of it a couple of two exactly identical necklaces with a locket, and handing one to Haruki.
      "Open it," he was told by Ikumi with a rather sad smile.
      He would obey his friend, finding a photo of Ikumi smiling happily at him. So he would look up at him with so many questions in his eyes… but especially wondering about what was going on. As a reply, getting Ikumi showing him his own locket, containing a picture of him.
      "… I have to go now," he said, his expression turning sadder. "Please… never forget about me, Haru, okay? You are the first person I could ever really call a friend."
      And just like that he was called downstairs and left.

      The years went by and Haru kept his promise, he never forgot about Ikumi, his one and true best friend. He had a lot of friends at school, through the rest of elementary and even middle school, never losing his carefree, teasing personality, au contraire; it would have only gotten worse through the years.
      However, his family's situation went worse and worse with each passing year, ever since his dad cheated on his mother with another teacher at his mom's academy. And then his parents eventually divorced when he was just about to finish his second year of high school. It was more a relief for him, really… now he didn't have to listen to them fight for hours nonstop.
      Things were fine for about a month or two, but then his father decided to go back to Japan, and wanted to bring Haru along, because he knew what an excellent swimmer Haruki was and wanted to enroll him in the best swimming school. To avoid trouble with his parents, Haru decided to agree with him and go study in Japan, telling his mom that he really wanted to be in that school, even if he was doing it just to avoid problems. She agreed under the condition of Haru visiting every summer and winter break, and so he ended up getting dragged along to Japan.

      With his cheery personality and open heart, he didn't have any trouble fitting into his new school. He tried to take as many positive things about his new life as he could… yeah, there was no beach, no surfing, no Hula… but at least he got to swim all day, right? That was fun even if he was always tired, and there were the new friends he was making—everything could be fun as long as you know how to take it, right?
      One day though, during his first days of school, he was in the locker room, changing back to his usual clothes after practice… someone calling his name would make him turn around, but another voice would be the one catching his attention.
      A red-haired guy with bright blue eyes, looking at him as if he had been froze. It wouldn't take him more than a moment to recognize the guy, he had the same necklace he did after all, and those features—there was no mistake!
      His expression would grow amazed and excited as he ran over to hug the guy, not caring if they were both pretty much naked—come on, he had missed him too much to mind about it!
      "Ikumi!!" he rejoiced, letting go of him just enough to get a better look at him, his eyes sparkling as he finally got to meet his best friend again. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?"
      He saw a smile pulling the corners of Ikumi's lips just before another laugh broke on him. "I don't belive it—long time no see~"
      "Yeah man—" he replied with a big grin and hugged Ikumi again, this time getting hugged back.
      Haru was so flabbergasted… meeting Ikumi in such a place! He would have never guessed it!
      And right after getting properly dressed, they both headed to the principal's office in order to change roommates, wishing to share a room from that day on, and luckily the principal agreed to it.
      Ever since, those two got back together, and as if the years hadn't passed at all, they had still the same attitude towards each other ( with a few pluses now e v e ), playing pranks and fooling around all day.
      Haru couldn't have been happier to find his ling-lost friend, making each day exciting and as adventurous as they used to be.

      Additional Info:
      ( > ) During summer and most winters he travels to Hawaii to be with his mom ( and often takes Ikumi with him can’t stay too long away from him /slapped ).
      ( > ) Never takes off his locket.
      ( > ) Likes to hold hands/cuddle while sleeping.
      ( > ) Has a dog in his house back in Hawaii, a golden retriever.
      ( > ) He is really good with kids.
      ( > ) He knows how to Hula |D knows how to work them hips.
      ( > ) Over all the time he has been with Ikumi, Haruki became quite masochistic. Not like he loves being in pain, but he does love the expressions Ikumi makes whenever he suffers so he lets him have his way.
      ( > ) However, he often has his revenge by stealing Ikumi’s sunglasses away |D
      ( > ) Voice sample: Carnival – Sekihan.

Maihara Haruki ( c ) =Macchi-Tacchi
Yoshiyuki Ikumi ( c ) =OneNightStar
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